Prefect biography

EA1J5651mmDarko Koren was born and still lives in Križevci. He attended elementary school and general secondary school in Križevci and vocational secondary school in the Construction Secondary School Centre in Zagreb. He continued his education at the Faculty of Construction Sciences in Zagreb where he graduated in 1986 and obtained the academic title of a BSc in civil engineering.

Upon obtaining his diploma, in the same year he started working in G. P. “Radnik” Križevci,    where he almost from the start worked as a department manager and soon afterwards he became the manager of the department “Final works” with cca 70 employees. He was working on these managerial positions for approximately ten years and then the company “Radnik”, upon acquiring the company “Kalnik”, appointed him director of the company.

After somewhat longer than a year on that managerial position, he decided to start his own, private business. First in a partnership and afterwards independently he was engaged in construction and catering business.

He was significantly socio-politically active in his community, especially since the mid-nineties, when he became actively involved in the political life by joining the Croatian Peasant Party. He was secretary of the municipal organization of the Croatian Peasant Party, councilman of the City Council, chairman of the executive board of the “Public utility Company” as well as the president of the F.C. Križevci.

After 2000 he got even more significantly involved in social life and in 2001 he became the deputy of the Koprivnica Križevcy County prefect.

On January 23rd 2008 on the County Assembly session he was elected for the prefect of Koprivnica Križevci County.

He is the vice president of the county organization of the Croatian Peasant Party, member of executive board of the county football association and the vice president of the F.C. Križevci.

He speaks English and has basic computer education.

Married, wife PhD, two sons.