Within the project Amazon of Europe Bike Trail 2nd international cycling festival “Amazon of Europe” is holding, which is organized from August till October 2020 through 12 biking happenings in Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.

Cycling festival in Koprivnica Križevci County “With bike to the village” (Z biciklinom na selo) will be held on August 30th 2020, as part of event “Walk through naive” (Šetnja kroz naivu).

With promotion of project, biking tour through part of route Amazon of Europe Bike Trail in Podravina will be held, as well as promotion of cultural heritage of Koprivnica Križevci County (promotion of traditional cake “Bregofska pita”, naive art and old crafts of Podravina).

Organizers of biking tour are Tourist Board of Koprivnica Križevci County, Association Old crafts Hlebine, Association of woman Bregi and Koprivnica Križevci County, as partner in project AoE Bike Trail.

Biking tour will be held with adherence of epidemiology measures and recommendations issued by Civil Protection Headquarters. Therefore we kindly ask all the participants for respecting of issued measures and instructions.


Amazon of Europe Bike Trail project is co-funded through the Danube Transnational Programme of the European Union (ERDF and IPA funds). The project started on 1st June 2018 and lasts until the 31st May 2021. The total budget of the project is 3,176,000.00 €, divided between 15 full partners.

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