Koprivnica Križevci County Prefect

County prefect: Darko Koren, B.Sc.C.E.
Registered office: Nemčićeva 5/1
Telephone: 048/658-203
Fax: 048/622-584
e-mail: zupan@kckzz.hr

The prefect represents the County and he is the holder of the County’s executive power.
When performing activities from the self-governmental scope of the County, the prefect:

  1. implements the decisions of the County Assembly and is responsible for their implementation,
  2. is authorised to suspend the implementation of a County Assembly general act in case he assesses that a law or another regulation is infringed by that act and to request the County Assembly to remedy the identified deficiencies within 15 days. In case the County Assembly does not comply with his request, the prefect is obliged to inform about the same the Head of the State Administration Office in the County within 8 days as well as the Head of the State Administration central body authorized for supervising the legality of work of local and regional self-government unit bodies,
  3. approves acts of health institutions when this is enacted by a separate decision or other acts and when it is not under exclusive jurisdiction of the representative body,
  4. approves the disposal of assets of all institutions in accordance with the authorization regulated by a separate acts,
  5. implements the second-instance administrative procedure,
  6. appoints and dismisses heads of administrative departments and services as well as the secretary of the County Assembly and decides on their rights, obligations and responsibilities in a first-instance administrative procedure,
  7. determines the draft of the County Statute,
  8. prepares drafts of general acts passed by the County Assembly and gives opinions on general act drafts submitted by other authorized applicants,
  9. determines the budget proposal, annual and semi-annual reports on the execution of the County’s budget  as well as decisions on temporary financing,
  10. manages and disposes of the County’s real estates and movable assets in accordance with the law and this Statute,
  11. passes acts on the internal organizational structure of the County’s administrative bodies, directs their actions in performing tasks from the County’s self-government scope and transferred tasks of State Administration and local self-government and supervises their work,
  12. decides of accepting sponsorship of regional importance,
  13. performs other tasks stipulated by law, the Statute and other general acts of the County Assembly.

The prefect is responsible to the County Assembly for his work and for performing tasks from the County’s self-government scope.
The prefect submits a report on his work twice a year in accordance with the provisions of the County Assembly Rules of Procedure.