Held international wine exhibition “The Golden wines of Alps Adriatic 2016.”

A total of 54 manufacturers from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia presented themselves with 59 varieties of wines at this year’s international wine exhibition “The Golden wines of Alps Adriatic 2016”.

The wine exhibition attended Deputy county prefect and also the president of the Organizing committee of the 3rd international exhibition Darko Sobota who briefly commented on the condition of winegrowing in Koprivnica Križevci County. About the manifestation itself reflected County prefect Darko Koren and also congratulated exhibitors on their success and officially opened the manifestation.

At the exhibition which was held at the Hotel Picok in Đurđevac one wine received a large gold medal, 19 wines received gold diploma, 33 wines received a silver medal while the bronze medal won 5 samples of wine.

In the category of dry white wines four wines won the identical score and after additional evaluation the best was proclaimed Grashevina from Vesna Savić, and the best red wine has been declared Merlot from Hungary while the “Golden wine of the area of Alps Adriatic” was proclaimed Yellow Muscat producer Josip Rajkovic from Krašić.

From Koprivnica Križevci County gold medals besides Vesna Savić won as well Winery Matočec for Pinot Gris and Grashevina, OPG Tanja Grudić, Ivan Koren, Kostanjevec Winery and Winery Podolski for Grashevina, Josip Gašparić for Pinot Blanc, Divjačko Winery and Winery Cvekan for Chardonnay, OPG Ksenija Topolovčan for Pinot Blanc and OPG Alen Ban for Sauvignon.

The silver medal won Winery Podolski for Champagne, Winery Ređep snd Wines Jušta for Grashevina while OPG Cik won a silver medal for Grashevina and Chardonnay, OPG Vlado  Rep for Mixture, and OPG Marijana Vujić for Grashevina.

Manifestation is cofinanced by the Alps Adriatic Alliance and Koprivnica Križevci County, and aims to promote wine, winemakers and winegrowing areas in the member regions of the Alliance.