Successful realization of projects within Alps Adriatic Alliance

In Austrian Klagenfurt was on Tuesday October 20th held meeting of Steering Committee of the Alps Adriatic Alliance. The meeting was an opportunity for review of secretary general on work of the Alliance in previous period, and report on work of contact points (CP) each of the member regions and thematic coordination points (TCP).

As coordinator of CP-a for Koprivnica Križevci County and thematic coordination point for agriculture and ethnic heritage the report was submitted by Head of the Section for international cooperation and EU funds Vladimir Šadek, and on behalf of Koprivnica Križevci County at the meeting participated as well Head of the Department for economy Marijan Štimac.

At the meeting were granted funds for common projects, in which advantage had the projects with more partners involved form member regions, that enable involving of all regions and ones who provide added value for Alps Adriatic Alliance.

To the applicants from Koprivnica Križeci County were accepted for cofinancing projects: „Alps Adriatic Heart of naive 2016.“ – 2200 Euros (applicant Association of Hlebine naive painters and sculptors) and „I will – I can be included“ – 1300 Euros (applicant Associataion of person with dissabilities of town Koprivnica „Better tomorow“. As well 1300 Euros was granted for cofinancing of the project of apperance of producers of „The golden wines“ at fair Gast intervino in Klagenfurt, in which partner is the County.

Within the Alps Adriatic Alliance in Koprivnica Križevci County was during 2015. implemented six projects, which are cofinanced from the side of the alliance with 11.450,00 Euros. These are the projects:

  • CroSloAus – CSA “Together for better” – Applicant: Association of people with dissabilities of town Koprivnica „Better tomorow“ (financing AAA – 1000 EUR)
  • Alps Adriatic heart of naive 2015. – Applicant: Association of Hlebine naive painters and sculptors (financing AAA – 2200 EUR)
  • International folklore festival „From grannys chest“ – Applicant: Tourist board of Koprivnica Križevci County (financing AAA – 2000 EUR)
  • The golden wines of Alps Adriatic 2015. – Applicant: Koprivnica Križevci County (AAA 3000 EUR)
  • Meetings of childrens folklore groups „In grannys lap“ – Applicant: Folklore ensamble Koprivnica (financing AAA – 1250 EUR)
  • AAA Leader – Role of local action groups in rural development – Applicant: LAG Podravina (financing AAA – 2000 EUR AAA)

Organizations from Koprivnica Križevci County who participated as partners in the following projects:

  • Presentataion of golden wines at fair Gast intervino – partner Koprivnica Križevci County, participants winegrowers golden medal winners at international wine exhibition the Golden wines
  • Find your energy – move yourself – partner Community of sports of Koprivnica Križevci County – project cofinanced with EU funds from programme Erasmus +

Koprivnica Križevci County cofinances succesful international projects of associations who achieve financing from the side of Alps Adriatic Alliance. So was according to public tender within programe International cooperation and EU projects donated funds to all listed above applicant of the projects from Koprivnica Križevci County in identical amount as much as it is for each project approved and from the side of the Alliance.

New tender for financing of projects by funds of Alps Adriatic Alliance will be announced in spring 2016., therefore are invited all interested organizations that on time start with preparation of project ideas. All additional informations on applying is possible to get in Section for international cooperation and EU funds.