Deputy county prefect Sobota opened 5th international exhibition „The golden wines of Alps Adriatic 2018.“

On Saturday July 7th, the 5th international wine exhibition “The golden wines of Alps Adriatic 2018.” was held in the Gallery of the Museum of town Đurđevac, whose holder of the organization was the Cluster of Podravina and Prigorje winemakers, and as a joint project co-financed by Koprivnica Križevci County and Alps Adriatic Alliance.

The aim of the exhibition was the promotion of wine, winegrowers and winegrowing areas in member regions of Alps Adriatic Allliance, as well as the linking of wine producers to caterers, hoteliers and owners of wineries. At the manifestation gathered winemakers with the best evaluated wines (golden wines) at exhibitions in member regions of the Alliance and wider, and were evaluated by international commission lead by the president Ana-Marija Jagatić Korenika.

The honor to open the exhibition was given to Deputy county prefect Darko Sobota, who thanked everyone who contributed to the organization, especially the Cluster of winemakers,  Alps Adriatic Alliance and town Đurđevac as host, along with towns Tourist board.

“Over the last ten years, winegrowing and winemaking as agricultural branch made big progress, which is a special pleasure for us, as we as the County supported that, and thanks to Cluster of winemakers today we have 35 certified wine producers. I also have to commend the contribution of our Community of associations of winegrowers, winemakers and fruit growers, which includes 14 winegrowing associations and more than 1300 members, and we are delighted that around Europe and wider is recognizable the quality of wines of Podravina and Prigorje. We have come to this kind of results by common work and it makes us proud to see that young people are involved in this sector and that are opened modern wine cellars. The value and diligence of Podravina and Prigorje people has never been questioned, and their effort and self-sacrifice are creditable for the success we celebrate today. We are delighted that our quality recognized Alps Adriatic Alliance and once again I thank to all those who have exhibited their top quality wines and congratulate them on acknowledgments they achieved, and I thank to the evaluation committee, which had not easy task at all, “said Deputy Sobota in his addressing.

President of Cluster of winemakers Vlado Rep also joined to giving thanks, adding that the goals of the Cluster are education of winemakers that will contribute to a quality approach in the production of grapes and wines with recognizable flavours of Podravina and Prigorje, as well as raising new plants and increasing the offer of wine. He also introduced gathered with the Alps Adriatic Alliance, commending the associations that cultivate the wine tradition of this area and participate in exhibitions, where on average 130 wine samples are exposed, of which 25% wins golden medals. The President Rep also thanked to the County, which with its programs supports wine production, on cooperation so far, as well as to all sponsors, led by Podravka, to support the manifestation.

Parliamentary representative and President of Đurđevac town council Željko Lacković also thanked to the County, Cluster and Alliance, emphasizing the quality and value of Podravina and Prigorje wines, as well as the need to hold such manifestation that connects us with neighboring regions and lead towards economic cooperation.

President of the Evaluation committee Ana-Marija Jagatić Korenika said that it is a real challenge to evaluate wines that already have a gold medal from some exhibition and that 45 wines have been received, of which 44 are still and one sparkling wine. Most of the applied wines were from Croatia, than Hungary and Austria, and most of them were white. The wines were evaluated according to 100 positive points, and according to the propositions the following medals were awarded: three big gold medals, 20 gold medals, 19 silver medals and two bronze medals. One sample was rejected for the observed defects.

Rhine riesling 2017. OPG Marijana Vujić was declared the best dry wine of the exhibition, the best red wine was Malbec 2013. of  Zoltan Varga of Hungary, and the best-rated wine, or champion of the exhibition and the winner of the big gold medal, is the predicate wine Traminac, selective vintage of dried berries from 2016., of producer Josip Rajaković from Krašić (92 points).

Big gold medal as well won OPG Zlatko Sonenšajn for Traminac 2015. and again Josip Rajaković for Sauvignon in 2016. From Koprivnica Križevci county gold medals won: OPG Josip Gašparić for Traminac, OPG Ksenija Topolovčan for Pinot white, Denis Bužić for Pinot gray, Vesna Savić for Sauvignon, OPG Božo Divjačko for Graševina, Pomona d.o.o. for Graševina, Matočec Winery for Chardonnay, Cvekan Winery for Chardonnay, OPG Šipek for Chardonnay, Winery Ređep for Silvanac green and Winery Kostanjevec for Pinot Gris.

After the award ceremony, guests visited the exhibition “Hommage a Picasso” and the Interpretation center of Picokijada.

The exhibition is held in partnership with the Cluster of Podravina and Prigorje, the County of Vas, Association of winegrowers of Carinthia, Remushof Jagschitz, the Croatian economy agency in Burgenland, the Association of winegrowers and winemakers Međimurje “Hortus Croatie”, Association of winegrowers “Peharček”, Community of associations of winegrowers, winemakers and fruitgrowers of Koprivnica Križevci County, Balatonboglari  Hegyköszeg association, Letenye culture center, Association of winemakers Csurgo,  Kutjevo wines and Weingut Ipsmiller.

The ceremonial programme of the manifestation was attended by the President of the Countys assembly Željko Pintar, member of parliament Branko Hrg, Deputy county prefect Ratimir Ljubić, the mayor of town Đurđevac Hrvoje Janči, county heads of the departments and other associates, the president of the Counties association of winegrowers, winemakers and fruit growers Goran Kostanjevec, heads of institutions, mayors of municipalities, representatives of associations and numerous other guests from Croatia and abroad.