The County prefect attended session of the Alps Adriatic Alliance Council

On Wednesday, November 22nd, a session of the Council of Alps Adriatic Alliance was held in Klagenfurt, which was attended by the leaders of the member regions, and among them  County prefect Darko Koren.

Along with regular reports on the work of President, the Secretary general and Thematic co-ordination points and the discussion on the reports, the session was an opportunity for the evaluation of former work and projects. Since 2014., 177 projects have been supported by the Alliance’s Steering Committee, of which 17 are co-financed by EU funds. Among them are projects that are implemented in the area of Koprivnica Križevci County, of which at the session as an example of good practice was presented project the Golden wines of Alps Adriatic.

After a four-year presidency of the province of Carinthia, the new presidency was taken over  Varaždin County, as first Croatian county to lead the Alliance, and president became County prefect of Varaždin County Radimir Čačić.