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Tourists who are located in the area of ​​Koprivnica-Križevci County during the tourist season, and in need of health care services, can obtain them as stated in the instructions below:

Citizens of the European Union who are traveling in Croatia or for some other reason are in Croatia only temporarily, and are mandatorily insured in one of the member states of the European Union, have the right to use the necessary health care based on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), with payment of participation.

Domestic tourists receive health care on the basis of a valid HZZO card.

The costs of medical services provided to people coming from countries with which Croatia does not have agreements are charged directly to the user according to the cost price list. Tourists can also use the services of private doctors and dentists by paying the full price of all medical services.

Croatian Health Insurance Fund              

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) 

In the case of emergency conditions that threaten life or severely impair health (suddenly occurring breathing difficulties, suffocation by a foreign body, cardiac and respiratory arrest, loss of consciousness, sudden chest pain, spasms (convulsions), difficulty speaking, weakness or loss of a body part, facial distortion, injuries resulting from traffic accidents and other sudden injuries, unusual bleeding, electric shock or thunderstroke, hypothermia, heatstroke, drowning, medicament poisoning) call emergency medical help at number 194.

Institute of emergency medicine of Koprivnica Križevci County

There is no special tourist clinic in the area of ​​Koprivnica-Križevci County.

In the case of acute diseases and conditions that are not life threatening (conditions for which you would normally go to your doctor, such as respiratory tract infections, viruses, elevated temperature, minor burns, minor accidents, abdominal pain, back pain...) seek help of the doctor at the Koprivnica-Križevci County Health Center. Informations about the office’s working hours and locations are available on the website of the Koprivnica-Križevci County Health Center.  

Emergency dental service for emergency patients

  • Koprivnica-Križevci County Health Center, Trg Tomislava Bardeka 10
  • Working hours: Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 11,00 a.m.
  • Phone: 048/279-620

Unified emergency hospital admission – OHBP

  • General hospital Koprivnica
  • Koprivnica, Željka Selingera 1
  • Phone: 048/251-242, 048/251-237
  • Every day: 0-24
  • Sundays and holidays: 0-24

On-call Pharmacies