Administrative department for finance, budget and public procurement

Head: Darko Masnec
Registered office:  Antuna Nemčića 5, 48000 Koprivnica (II floor, room 47)
Tel: 048 658-242

The Administrative department for finance, budget and public procurement performs activities from the field of planning, monitoring and executing financial documents of the County.

Activities of this administrative body especially refer to:

  • monitoring and studying issues of public finance with an emphasis on financing public needs as well as preparing analytical and other professional documentation on issues related to public finance,
  • studying and participating in the preparation of drafts of programs on financing County public needs and financing of accepted programs with activities and projects,
  • drafting instructions for budget users on drafting financial plans and elements of drafting requests for securing funds in the County budget,
  • preparing drafts of the County budget and accompanying financial documents, performing budget costs and expenditures, managing activities of revenue collection and keeping records of revenues and receipts as well as costs and expenditures and purchasing department activities,
  • drafting periodical (quarterly, semi-annual and nine-month) and annual financial reports of the Budget, as well as proposals of semi-annual and annual reports on performing the Budget,
  • monitoring and studying issues of performing budgets of local self-government units, preparation of measures for facilitating their financing and proposals of securing additional funds from the State and County budget,
  • preparing drafts of general and individual acts related to revenues and receipts as well as costs and expenditures of the Budget and occasional reports at the request of the prefect and the County Assembly and its execution as well as other activities and tasks related to the County financing activities,
  • implementing first-instance administrative procedures of assessment of taxation liability and collection of taxes on inheritances and gifts and taxes on motor vehicles,
  • implementing the administrative procedure and adjudicating in second-instance procedure appeals related to administrative acts of bodies of cities and municipalities, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on financing units of local and regional self-government,
  • establishing, developing and coordinating the system of financial management and control,
  • activities of calculation and payment of salaries and other income,
  • drafting the plan of public procurement of computer and network equipment as well as system software,
  • implementing the procedures of public procurement in which the County is the client and implementing unified procedures of public procurement in which the County is the founder as well as for companies in which the County has stakes or shares,
  • implementing procedures of direct contracting of goods, works and services,
  • keeping the register of concluded contracts on public procurement,
  • planning, designing, production, implementation and maintenance of IT systems and web portals of the County,    ,
  • activities related to developing and advancing computerisation and IT support as well as proposing and implementing new projects of computerisation of the County system and integration with IT systems of local self-government units,
  • planning and procuring as well as managing and maintaining computer and communication resources,
  • supervising the work of the network and securing safety and data protection, data backup and data recovery,
  • planning and implementing the education for using computer equipment, programs and tool in work,
  • proposing and implementing measures and procedures for IT safety and confidentiality of information,
  • other activities in accordance with legislation and subordinate legislation.