Alps Adriatic Steering Commitee approved co-financing of seven projects from Koprivnica Križevci County

In Varaždin, was on Thursday, May 3rd held the session of the Alps Adriatic Steering Committee which currently presides Varaždin County, and on behalf of Koprivnica Križevci County was attended by senior advisor – specialist for european funds and international cooperation Vladimir Šadek with associates.

To the present attendants introductory spoke County prefect of Varaždin County Radimir Čačić who emphasized the importance of cooperation of all member regions in future joint projects co-financed by the EU funds and the need and importance of developing a joint strategy of the Alps Adriatic Alliance in order to create a platform for strengthening regional development. Also, it was spoken about the joint presentation of the Alps Adriatic Alliance in Brussels on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the Alliance’s founding and the political conference of the Alps Adriatic Alliance which will be held in Varaždin in november.

At the session was decided that the new public call for projects co-financed by the Alps Adriatic Alliance will be open in the spring next year, and in the future the public call will be launched once a year. General Secretary Thomas Pseiner looked back on the activities in past period, and contact point representatives (CPs) by regions and thematic co-ordination points (TCPs) submitted a report on their work. On behalf of the County, as CP Coordinator for the County and TCP for Rural development and ethnic heritage, the report was submitted by Vladimir Šadek.

At the session were approved projects and were granted patronage over projects for the upcoming period. Co-financing of seven projects was accepted to applicants from Koprivnica Križevci County, for which 12.100 Euros was approved.

These are the following projects:

  • International knowledge and friendship quiz „Europe my homeland 2018.“ – applicant Elementary school Braće Radić Koprivnica, district school Bakovčica (1.500 Euros)
  • Scientific conference „Environmental history of Drava river“ – applicant Historical association Koprivnica (3.000 Euros)
  • International wine exhibition „The golden wines of Alps Adriatic 2018.“ – applicant Cluster of winemakers Đurđevac (3.000 Euros)
  • Meetings of children folklore groups „In grannys lap“ – applicant Folklore ensemble  Koprivnica (1.100 Euros)
  • AAA LEADER – „Women in rural area“ – applicant LAG „Podravina“ (1.500 Euros)
  • „Improving of economic activities in beekeeping“ – applicant Cluster of beekeepers in Podravina (1.000 Euros)
  • „Renaissance festival“ – applicant Tourist board of Koprivnica (1.000 Euros)